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I’ll need to see the Presidential Suite where Ms. Crawford will be staying during the event. Yes, unfortunately, the Presidential is unavailable for viewing.I can’t assess the security of a room I can’t see, Edmund, and I will not put Blake’s life at risk because of your incompetence. Tom! I apologize for Mr. Jakeman’s short fuse. My father places a great deal of trust in him, which, as you can imagine, also places him under a great deal of pressure. Of course. But I’m afraid it’s out of my hands. This charity ball is one of the biggest events of the year. Many influential people will be in attendance, and they will be entrusting us with their security. I understand that.Then please also understand that unless every one of Tom’s requests can be met, I cannot, in good conscience, hold this ball at your hotel, nor can I recommend to any of my clients or business associates to use your venue in the future. Word travels quickly in my circles, and I would hate for Hotel Cerulean to develop a reputation that it didn’t need to.

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