Transporte News Radio

Transporte News Radio Sitio de escucha de radio en línea. Transmisión de radio móvil e ininterrumpida de 24 horas.

Well, let me see what I can do. Thank you. You okay? I’m fine. It’s just… the last time I had a chance to take Roman down, my gun jammed. Good to know. And you took the shot. That’s all that counts. Guns jam. It happens, Jane. I didn’t purposely sabotage it, but what if I subconsciously loosened my grip and that caused the jam? Maybe part of me is afraid of what’s gonna happen to me after he’s gone. What do you mean? Even after all the horrible things Roman’s done, Shepherd’s right. There’s a bond between us I can’t shake. I don’t remember most of our life together, but I can feel it. What if a piece of me dies with him? I think that’s how it always feels when you lose someone that you’ve loved. Now, this idea that Shepherd has put in your head, that you can’t live in a world without Roman, it’s just not true, Jane. Patterson wants us back in the lab. Come on. Why are we still here? We should be on the road. We’re too late.What do you mean? Local field teams just arrived at Little Sky. All the guards are dead, and Roman got away with their MMH.

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