Radio Ondamar 80

Radio Ondamar 80 Sitio de escucha de radio en línea. Transmisión de radio móvil e ininterrumpida de 24 horas.

A bomb with no charge. It sounds like a good way to smuggle something in undetected. And Farm Fresh happens to have a very impressive amount of dinitrogen tetroxide. There’s no reason to steal that much unless you’re trying to level a massive target or multiple targets. If you’re right about this, that means that Crawford is planning a mass bombing on US soil. It’s not exactly his MO. I mean, he doesn’t have a problem with violence, but it’s usually a means to an end. So, what does he stand to profit from a terrorist attack on his own country? Still nothing from Lynnette’s laptop? She’s not exactly labelling her files massive-attack-plans -dot-p-d-f, so… You said Roman is planning to steal the second part too, right If we can figure out where he’s stealing it from, we could head him off. I didn’t get a good look at his schematics. I don’t know the second location, but, uh, there’s one person who might. Hello, Kurt. This field trip was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion? We need to ask you some questions.

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