Radio LatinoMerica

Radio LatinoMerica Sitio de escucha de radio en línea. Transmisión de radio móvil e ininterrumpida de 24 horas.

She resisted all enhanced interrogation techniques. I’ll do it. Jane, are you sure? You know that she’s gonna try to manipulate you. That’s what she does. Lives are on the line. We have to stop Roman and Crawford’s attack. I can handle my mother’s mind games. A few months ago, this was all I wanted, to confront her, ask her why she stole Avery from me. But now that I’m here, I… I don’t want anything from her. This will be the last time I ask my mother for anything. So, how… Are you well? You wanted to talk. Talk. I wanted to tell you I’m sorry. I’m sorry for trying to tear you and Roman apart. Of all the things I’ve done, it’s my biggest regret. I pitted you two against each other. When I rescued you from that horrible orphanage… you two were inseparable. I wanted you to love me as much as you loved each other, but your bond with Roman is unique. It’s… it’s deep, it’s strange, and I didn’t understand it. Roman needed you. That much, I knew. He was never meant to be on his own. It’s in his DNA.

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