Jazz Radio BCN

Jazz Radio BCN Sitio de escucha de radio en línea. Transmisión de radio móvil e ininterrumpida de 24 horas.

Part two is getting the reactant– All right. Thank you, Roman. I’ve heard enough. It’s too complicated. I’ve already reached out to a local gang that traffics explosives. The Viper Kings, they can get us all the HMX we need. Stick to what you’re good at and leave the planning to me. Aah! Your plan is good.So tell Shepherd that. Her plan is better for what we need right now. But who knows what we’re gonna need in the future, so don’t be so quick to throw this away. This is Roman. It’s a plot he devised to steal explosives from Sandstorm. This is the first half of it. What? So Roman stole explosives from this factory for Crawford? Well, at least the first part of an explosive. Uh… Dinitrogen tetroxide? Innocuous enough on its own, stable… Yeah, unless the second part is… Monomethylhydrazine.Monomethylhydrazine. Okay, Wonder Twins, you want to fill us in? Roman and Crawford are building a hypergolic bomb. It doesn’t require a charge, just two chemicals that explode when they come into contact with each other.

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