Femradio 89.5

Femradio Sitio de escucha de radio en línea. Transmisión de radio móvil e ininterrumpida de 24 horas.

Are you telling me that you have never had feelings for Tasha? We couldn’t make it work. Okay. I’m sorry… for both of you. I really liked Meg. Thanks. Me, too. Friends? Well, I’m never gonna ask you to be my best man again, but, yeah, we’re cool. That seems fair. Ah! Here you guys are. Been looking around forever. We were with you two minutes ago. Yeah, well, time is a flat circle and I have ADHD. We got a hit on the security codes. Come on. Are you sure you should be back here already? You just got shot yesterday. Oh, my arm’s fine. I just… I just get these headaches from not sleeping. As soon as we take down Roman and Crawford, I’m probably gonna hibernate for like a year. What have you got?Uh, okay. So, one of the buildings using Franklin-Dorfman security just got broken into. Farm Fresh Solvents– it’s a factory that manufactures industrial cleaning products for dairy farms. So, the heist would have two parts. First, we hit the Farm Fresh Solvents factory here. They store huge quantities of dinitrogen tetroxide.

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