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at buildings in New York and New Jersey. Private schools, corporate offices, and my personal favorite, a warehouse full of Lucite animal sculptures. We can’t seem to find a single connection between Crawford and any of these buildings. One of them could be a tattoo, but we can’t say for sure because Roman is still flooding the databases. Crawford is safely in hiding. If he’s willing to risk exposure to breach one or more of these places, this has to be something big. We really have to work out what the hell he’s up to. Okay, well, we’re still scouring Lynnette’s laptop for clues. Okay. Get back to it. No, it’s getting worse, yeah. It’s not just the headaches now. There’s, um, this sharp, uh, buzzing and, um, I’m starting to see things. Sure you have enough guns? It’s not gonna work, because I’m not really here. I’m trying not to lose hope, but… I know, I know. I just, um, wish things could have been different. Uh, we could have just been a family. I know, we’re out of time. The first half is done.

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